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While the world continues to progress technologically, faster than its growth technologically, it is retrogressing morally and spiritually... while life seems to become easier theoretically, in theory when you analise life today... we have such advanced modes of transport, such easy ways of communication... in theory life seems easier than previous times... but pratically life has become more challenging than previous times... tension, depression, and frustration has become the order of the day... happiness, joy, and prosperity is something of the past... the very fears that haunt the minds of every individual that are ever lurking... "I must never become poor...", "I must never be diagnosed of cancer..." "this must never happen..." the fear that are ever lurking, in the heart and in the mind of every man... is sufficient depression in the life of every person... the only way to avert financial or emotional depression... the only way to avert and divert depression... is to know the science behind each thing... when knowledge takes precedence and you know the science behind each thing, now the flatuation in the currency... and the fake predictions of the idealists, the competitors in the market will not make a difference to you... so this is the modern day poverty... that in the midst of affluence there is no joy... in the midst of comfort and luxury there is absolutely no joy... like they say, "money can buy a house, but not a home..."

"The one who has contentment in his heart then no amount of calamities and tragedies will harm this man, (or) depress this man"... Nothing in this world will depress this man!


Essential Contemplations is a not-for-profit organization whose core work includes consultancy and research within the fields of Health and Social Care, Personal Development. Our team includes experienced counsellors with expertise in a number therapeutic approaches. We established in 2016 as a problem solving organization at a time where discussing of Current Affairs and other Reproductive Issues including Culture and Lifestyles are almost a taboo around the world.


We provide you with a safe and supportive environment to explore any
problems you may be experiencing


Individual Counselling is basically a collaborative effort between


Travel as therapy is a holistic way of travel: to consciously learn about yourself by going away from habitual and predictable environment with intention.


Essential Contemplations is employed to enable people to live resourcefully, to live effective lives.

We offer the possibility of transformation and the space to reevaluate one's life. Our framework is based on key beliefs about the human natural disposition and the universe. For example, there are key points in life, such as the birth of a child, marriage, the death of a relative, loss, which are 'calls' to a more profound consciousness. The level of consciousness at which one's identity rests is who we are, and the proximity of that level to pure consciousness, or natural disposition, is marked by contentment, fulfillment, and an ability to navigate our lives through its challenges.

Essential Contemplations works on physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life, it covers all fields of the human life, in that it is about meaning, self-knowledge and acknowledgement of a deep underlying truth that informs our lives. It is not about judging people or giving them advice on understanding, but rather working with people to facilitate them in reaching their highest potential.

Most importantly, Essential Contemplations seeks to the realization the full potential and total human development of people in all communities. In pursuit of this noble goal, EC reaches out people through participatory social mobilization.

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